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美国加州论文代写 领导风格

Keywords:美国加州论文代写 领导风格

在Rustlings Road Surgery工作期间,我使用并继续使用卢因的三种领导风格,有时在必要的情况下从一种风格转换到另一种风格。例如,在2018/19年度的一个新的合同要求是通过电子转诊路径发送所有的二次护理转诊。这对我们的实践来说是一个巨大的变化,因为我们的临床医生和管理员一直喜欢通过邮政或传真的方式进行转诊,这遭到了强烈的抵制。为了确保我们没有违反合同,有必要开发和实施新的流程,以确保我们是合规的。由于来自管理员的强烈抵制,我们最初需要使用一种专制风格来实现这一点,以确保我们是兼容的。我在没有管理员输入的情况下开发并实现了新的推荐流程,详细说明了我期望她提供的方法和目标。然而,一旦这被实施,工作人员的态度开始改变,我能够让她参与讨论,我们如何改进和简化这个过程,最终转向更参与式的领导风格。虽然有必要遵循一个独裁的方法最初由于员工的态度我宁愿遵循一个参与式的方法我觉得这种方法培养一个有效的团队,包括他们工作你更容易看到一个激励团队渴望工作朝着共同的目标和共同的目的。在最初的抵制之后,一旦团队成员参与到决策制定中,很明显,通过她的态度改变,她感到更有能力实施所需的改变。列文的delegative方法可能是我使用的风格至少在我的领导与管理团队由于惯例的性质以及和我一起工作的团队,我们是一个非常小的团队,我们的团队的本质往往自动倾向于一个参与式的方法。相比之下,当涉及到级联新的临床过程时,我会说我更多地与临床团队使用委托方法,因为我有更高的期望,他们将管理和实施这一变化,以继续工作,以最新的临床指导。我把责任委派给行政团队的一个领域是前台工作人员的轮转,由我们的高级接待员负责;她管理所有接待人员的假期和所需的保险。我对接待人员的工作安排很随意,大部分时间都是如此,我发现整个团队都能很好地完成工作。他们明白有必要提供足够的保护,并相互理解以确保工作顺利进行。我只遇到过一次,这对我来说是必要的步骤和夺回控制权的情况下当一个工作人员拒绝盖不过这是轻松地纠正暂时进入一种参与式的领导风格,坐在团队来共同的解决方案。
美国加州论文代写 领导风格
During my time at Rustlings Road Surgery I have used and continue to use all three of Lewin’s leadership styles and at times have moved from one style to another in certain situations if the situation required it. For example a new contractual requirement in 2018/19 is to send all secondary care referrals via the electronic referral route. This is a big change for our practice as our clinicians and administrator have always favoured the postal or fax route for referrals and this has been met with a high level of resistance. To ensure we are not in breach of contract it has been necessary to develop and implement new processes to ensure we are compliant. Due to the high level of resistance from our administrator in particular it was necessary to implement this using an authoritarian style initially to ensure we were compliant. I developed and implemented the new referral process with no input from the administrator, spelling out the method and goals I expected from her. However once this had been implemented and was working the attitude of the member of staff did begin to change and I was able to include her in discussions on how we could improve and streamline the process, eventually moving to a more participative leadership style. Although it was necessary to follow an authoritarian approach initially due to the attitude of the member of staff I would much rather follow a participative approach as I feel this approach fosters an effective working team and by including them you are more likely to see a motivated team eager to work towards the common goal with a shared purpose. After the initial resistance once the team member became involved in decision making it was obvious by her attitude change she felt more empowered to implement the changes needed. Lewin’s delegative approach is probably the style I use least in my leadership with the administrative team due to the nature of general practice and the team I work with, we are a very small team and by the nature of our team tend to automatically lean towards a participative approach. In comparison I would say I use the delegative approach more with the clinical team when it comes to cascading new clinical processes as I have a higher level of expectation that they will manage and implement this change in order to continue to work to the latest clinical guidance. An area where I do delegate responsibility to the administrative team is the reception staff rota to our senior receptionist; she manages all reception staff holidays and the cover needed. I have a very hands off approach to the reception staff rota the majority of the time and find the team manage this well amongst themselves. They understand the need for adequate cover and have a mutual understanding between themselves to ensure this works well. I have only encountered one occasion where it was necessary for me to step in and take back control of the situation when a member of staff was refusing to cover however this was easily rectified by temporarily moving into a participative style of leadership and sitting the team down coming to a mutual agreeable solution.
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